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Black Cotton Star Release Date, Cast, And Plot – What We Know So Far


An exciting new graphic novel adaptation is in the works from ZQ Entertainment, who have acquired the rights to “Black Cotton Star.” The original work, first published in French by Dupuis and later brought to the United States by Pegasus Books, tells an epic World War II story about three black American soldiers who travel across Europe looking for a stolen artifact from US history.

Deadline first reported the project, which will be directed by the famous Reginald Hudlin, who was a producer on “Django Unchained,” a writer for Marvel’s “Black Panther” comic books, and has previously directed films such as “Marshall” and “House Party.” While “Black Cotton Star” may not have the same name recognition as some of the comic projects that Hudlin has worked on previously, the graphic novel was well-reviewed by critics such as Publisher Weekly and Atomic Junk Shop.

While there are still plenty of unknowns out there for when fans will see “Black Cotton Star” on the big screen, the studio has released a few details about the film for fans to go off of. Here is everything we know about the release date, cast, and plot of “Black Cotton Star.”

When is the release date for Black Cotton Star?

With only the rights acquisition and director currently being reported, it is pretty difficult to estimate the exact arrival window for “Black Cotton Star.” However, fans can still make some educated guesses.

Without any announcements concerning the film’s cast or a shooting schedule, it can safely be assumed the film is still in its early stages. Location scouting and casting both take time and resources. Once those projects are completed, the actual work of shooting, editing, and advertising the film can begin. Considering all that, “Black Cotton Star” is likely at least a year out, meaning it may arrive in the summer or fall of 2022, at earliest.

However, that quick of a turnaround time assumes that absolutely nothing goes wrong and might be too tight for the film’s scope, which explores the lives of Black Americans in multiple periods. For that reason, it may be more realistic to expect the movie towards the end of 2022, and it may even slip into 2023.

No cast announcements have yet been made for “Black Cotton Star,” although Deadline did list some of the creative minds behind the project.

The script is being adapted for the screen by Benjamin Raab and Deric Hughes, writing partners who have previously written scripts for shows such as “The Flash,” “Arrow,” and “Scream.” The author and illustrator of the original graphic novel, Yves Sente and Steve Cuzor, have been named producers, as has director Reginald Hudlin.

If there are any clues at all as to who may be cast in the three lead roles of the Black American soldiers who travel across war-torn Europe to recover the object that gives the film its name, it may be in Hudlin’s past as a filmmaker. During his 20 year career, Hudlin has worked with many talented Black actors on movies like “Marshall,” “Safety,” and “The Great White Hype.” While it is too early to say if he will reconnect with any of them, there is a chance he might opt to work with someone he has already established a professional relationship with.

What is the plot of Black Cotton Star?

“Black Cotton Star” is based on the French graphic novel of the same name, and fans have no reason to believe that the film will significantly deviate from the original story.

The main arc of “Black Cotton Star” revolves around three black American soldiers during World War II attached to the Monuments, Fine Arts, and Archives Division, the same organization depicted in “The Monuments Men.” They enter this division because of a story relayed in the graphic novel about Angela Brown, a black woman who worked for Betsy Ross and sewed a black star on the back of one of the white stars on the original American flag. However, that flag was seized by Hessians during the Revolutionary War, and the three young men believe they know how to get it back.

The resulting story looks at the racism that existed in both time periods, from colonial America to the height of the country’s influence during World War II. The story slowly stretches over Europe as the soldiers pursue the missing American artifact, and eventually, they are placed in the heart of the conflict.