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September 29 at 7:12 PM

Reading Icon Season one #3 be like, every page…. Every issue has been great, but issue #3 by far is my favorite…. review coming soon… lots to dissect #Milestoneisback

Obasi Jaheem Amare Blerd-core

September 30 at 5:08 PM  ¬∑ 

Icon Season One #3: Politics & Black Power

This issue was riveting, I loved the assiduous detail to showcasing the authentic governmental response to a Black man with superpowers. This may seem like a miniscule task, but I’m often perplexed at how swiftly writers tend to gloss over the antithetical resistance white imperialism would impose. Icon and rocket orchestrated radical action, they decided to prioritize Black people and otherized ethnic groups by thwarting drug syndicates internationally. This is elegant “threading” from issue #1, in which Icon articulated stopping drugs in the community goes beyond the streets… Icon went to the suppliers, this is radical because Black folks selling drugs often become “the fall guy” for corporate level tycoons shipping the drugs in the community.

I enjoyed the specificity of the political exchanges that displayed the depravity and perfidious nature of government officials, that extended itself all the way to the president. As the government officials discussed “the war on drugs” wasn’t necessarily about dilapidation of it’s economic influence, as drug money is clandestinely “cleaned” and redistributed by the banking system; which ultimately serves a political expediency the government can’t jeopardize. This to me was a salient microscopic look at the machinations of the government, and it’s duplicitous penchant to violate it’s own mortality. This scene is pivotal, because teenagers typically may not care about it but this scene gives them an understanding of what “politics” is.

The level of moral ambiguity asserted in deference to maintaining of the global economy, was a brilliant display of governments willingness to be malevolent as an “economic crisis” outweighs the victims of drug abuse. I love the diatribe articulated by Adele who impugned the character of those in the government. Ultimately, this issue was sublime! Milestone is back Milestone Media LLC