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CAA/Blackhouse Dinner For Reggie!

Black achievement in Hollywood really isn’t recognized, let alone celebrated as much as you think it is.  It’s usually a fight for respect from white institutions and maybe a well intended but poorly executed tribute from black institutions.  So when Blackhouse (and black film support organization) and CAA (my new agency) came together to throw this incredibly nice event for me, it was shocking just because it happened.  One of the attendees, one of the highest ranking black executives in music, told me he was totally inspired because “this NEVER happens”.

Common, RZA, Sanaa Lathan, Brandon T. Jackson, Jordin Sparks and More Celebrate Reginald Hudlin At "Dinner With Bevy"

CAA/Blackhouse Dinner

Bevy Smith, Terry Crews, Reginald Hudlin

California Attorney General Kamala Harris behind JJ Abrams, Reginald Hudlin and Verdine White

Yvette Nicole Brown, JJ Abrams, Anika Noni Rose

Ron Gilyard behind Kamala Harris and JJ Abrams

Shaun Robinson and Reginald Hudlin

Common and Brandon T. Jackson

Common, Tavia, and Brandon T. Jackson

JJ Abrams, Reginald Hudlin, and Common

Stephen and Dayna Bochco, Dana Walden, Reginald Hudlin

Anika Noni Rose and Jordin Sparks

Verdine White, Reginald Hudlin, RZA

Stephen Bochco, Alfre Woodard, Kamala Harris in the background, Sanaa Lathan

Andre Harrell and Reginald Hudlin

Bevy Smith and Reginald Hudlin

Bonus photos!

Verdine White, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, Reginald Hudlin, Ali LeRoi

Verdine White of Earth Wind and Fire, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, me, Ali LeRoi, creator/producer of ARE WE THERE YET? and many other fine entertainments.   Thanks for the classy picture Ali!

Helen Hudlin & Maxine Waters

Congresswoman Waters is originally from St. Louis.  My mom used to go roller skating with her sisters. 

Jordin Sparks, Terry and Rebecca Crews, Reginald Hudlin

Old friends and new: So nice to meet Jordin Sparks, who is as sweet as she is lovely and talented; and my old and dear friends Terry and Rebecca Crews.  Terry is one of the hardest working men in Hollywood but his positive spirit is the same as it was when he was working as a security guard.

Reginald Hudlin

Me giving thanks to everyone who attended.  The best part?  My mother got a standing ovation!

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