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DC Announces The Creators to Participate In The Milestone Initiative Talent Development Program

by Olly MacNamee |

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Today, DC, Milestone Media and WarnerMedia, in collaboration with Ally, announced their joint plans for The Milestone Initiative Talent Development Program, set to begin Tuesday March 15th. The program creates access and opportunity for Black and diverse storytellers in the field of comics.

This program will run for 10 weeks and will offer participants “opportunities to learn from industry experts and sharpen their storytelling skills to become part of the upcoming generation of great comic book writers and artists. WarnerMedia Access will provide the participants with training in equity and inclusion so it will be instilled in them as they hone their creative mindset. The immersive training program will be comprised of a virtual technical course through the prestigious Kubert School and an in-person seminar at DC’s offices in Burbank, CA.”

And, as a reminder, here’s Milestone’s mission statement for The Milestone Initiative:

“The mission for The Milestone Initiative – to empower the next generation of Black and diverse comic book creators – will be supported across a multi-pronged marketing campaign from WarnerMedia and Ally. Building off the historic storytelling rooted in the Milestone comics, WarnerMedia’s brand studios and Ally have united to create brand storytelling that uses the full might of the WarnerMedia ecosystem – including its advertising inventory – to focus on the pertinent topic of representation and diversity in media.” 

The lucky incoming class includes:

  • Andrea Rosales, Portland OR
  • Ashley Allen, Orono MN
  • Atagun Ilhan, Syracuse NY
  • Charles Stewart III, Washington D.C.
  • Cheryl Lynn Eaton, New York NY
  • Daimon Hampton, Chicago IL
  • Dorado Quick, Inglewood CA
  • Greg Burnham, Norcross GA
  • Gregory Maldonado, Bronx NY
  • Jarod Pratt, Detroit MI
  • Jarred Luján, Del Rio TX
  • Jerome Rhett, Charleston SC
  • Jordan Clark, Baltimore MD
  • Julio Anta, Miami FL
  • Kameron White, Houston TX
  • Lucas Silveira, Indianapolis IA
  • Marcus Smith, Chicago IL
  • Miguel Hernández, Cleveland OH
  • Morgan Hampton, Chicago IL
  • Nathaniel Cayanan, Corona CA
  • Petterson Oliveira, Naples FL
  • Tiah Ankum, Atlanta GA
  • Yasmín Flores Montañez, Toa Alta PR
  • Zipporah Smith, Los Angeles CA

Learn more about the participants here.

“This is a monumental day for Milestone and the broader comic book community. We’ve always believed in the importance of sharing underrepresented stories, so we’re thrilled for new creative voices to join us in our mission. Mentorship has always been a critical aspect of our comic book world, and Milestone co-founder Denys Cowan and I are excited to share the tricks of the trade and learn a thing or two from our new peers!” – Milestone partner, Reggie Hudlin

For even more details of the program and its curriculum, follow this link to the DC Comics website announcement