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Don't Do What They Tell You, #2

After school special sh*t, for real. Check this…

Okay, so my US history class. I’m co-teaching with this dumb white bitch. 25, super republican (I’m the special ed IRR teacher in the classroom). She decided to give up teaching. She said that. She stated she refuses to teach the kids because they are bad and she has more important things to do in her other classes and her masters classes (not school related). Whatever, same old.

Anyway, the kids hate her. I hate her. There is a group of four who sit in the back and haven’t done anything since day one. All hispanic gangbangers. BTW, it’s a repeater class, everyone in there has failed the class at least once. Anyway, the 4 in the back, I asked them if they wanted to work, they said no, and I said fine. As long as you are quiet, I will leave you be, but if you ever want to start, I’ll do whatever it takes to help you.

Anyway, one day one of the four was talking to me, god came up. I don’t know how. He told me he saw god. He also told me the ammount of drugs he’s done in life and is always flashing gang signs, so whatever. I told him I don’t believe in god. He said god was real, I said maybe, but I don’t believe in him. If he’s male.

A few days later he asked to talk to me outside. My lack of faith really bothered him. He told me he’s seen some sh*t in life, bad sh*t, bad enough that god has talked to him and is his salvation. I said, "the judeo christian god?" he said , no, just god. god god.  I told him, well, I was a cop for 7 years, I’ve seen enough things to make me not believe in god. I told him I respected his piety, but it wasn’t for me. I asked him why he was so worried about my faith. He said he liked me and didn’t want me to go to hell. I said, if your god exists, he would want you to work harder and prove yourself to him.

Yesterday he brought me a book. He asked me to read it. It was some book about god. I said I would read it, then we would talk about it, but I still don’t believe in god. Then he asked me if I would get him all of his make up work so he could catch up. I went and got him his work, we talked, and I’m sure we’ll talk tomorrow.

True story yo. Take it for what you will…

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