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Empire State of Mind

THE MOTHERFUCKER WITH THE HAT is one of the best plays I have ever seen. Brilliant writing, great cast…even the sets are wonderful. My man Chris Rock goes to another level in it, but truly every single cast member is a joy to watch.

It was also great to hang out in the dressing rooms and in the theatre before the show. Felt like I was walking through the movies of such scenes I’ve seen my whole life.

And just like in the movies, there was a crowd after the show asking for autographs:

Chris Rock signining autographs

While on the East Coast, I also visited the set of ARE WE THERE YET? No shots of the show (yet) but here I am at the train station in Stamford, Conn. I love travelling by train.

Reggie at Train station at Stamford

Here’s a shot of the Statue of Liberty from one of the tall buildings in Tribeca:

Statue of Liberty from Tribeca

But best of all, I got to attend the jamming birthday party of Selwyn Hines. Look for his comic book debut soon!

Selwyn Hines Birthday Party

He’s going to being setting it off at this cool underground club next to the Pink Teacup down in the Village on Friday nights all summer long. Here he is on the Wheels of Steel:

Selwyn Hines on the Wheels of Steel

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