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First Appearance Of Black Panther’s Shuri Sells Copies For $800 Each

Posted on September 6, 2020 | by Rich Johnston | Comments

Amidst speculation – much of it criticized – about what Marvel Studios may do with the Black Panther movuw franchise going forward, there has been some suggestion that future Black Panther movies may feature Shuri, as played byLetitia Wright, the lead role. As a result, early appearances of Shuri in the original Marvel comic books have jumped in value on eBay in recent days.

Black Panther Vol 3 #2 from 2005 by Reginald HudlinandJohn Romita Jr has become the most valued. A CGC 9.8 slabbed copy has sold two copies on eBay for $800 and over, in the last week. While a 9.4 has still sold for $300. While raw copies have sold for just over $300 for the newsstand edition,

First Appearance Of Black Panther’s Shuri Sells Copies For $800 Each

While her first full appearance as Black Panther was in Black Panther : Dark Reign Vol 4 #5 from 2009, has sold at CGC 9.8 slabbed for $200 –  but also sold a few days later for $200 raw.

The first issue of the Black Panther Dark Reign series also had a cameo appearance of Shuri as Black OPanther in the opening page of issue 1, that then played out in issue 5. A CGC 9.8 slabbed copy of the J Scott Campbell has sold for $300. while a raw copy has sold for $250. It also has Ken Lashley featuring a similar cover. A 9.8 CGC has sold for $138, or for $90 raw.

Interest also increased attention to Marvel Mangaverse #3 from 2002, which featured an out-of-continuity sister of T’Challa, T’Channa, years before Shuri first appeared, selling for $130.

TheStephanie Hans Variant cover of Klaws Of The Panther #1, featuring Shuri as the Black Panther has also sold for $85.

And the Shuri solo series has also jumped, Shuri #1 hitting $80 for the 1:50 Travis Charestcover, while the Skottie Young variant sells for $39 and the standard cover sells for $25.

Of course, all this comic book speculation is based upon just that – speculation. And some may feel it’s a little too soon.