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From Oslo, Norway

Through the kindness of friends in Scandinavia and intervention from on high, I received a personal invitation to the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony in the Oslo, Norway City Hall on December 10th and to the Nobel Peace Prize Concert on December 11th in the Oslo Spektrum.  In fact, I write you from Oslo where the Norwegian Nobel Committee will confer this most prestigious award upon President Barack Obama tomorrow.

As was our good fortune to attend President Obama’s inauguration in Washington on January 20, 2009, Professor S. Allen Counter, neurobiologist and Director of the Harvard Foundation and I are here to witness another historic recognition of this gifted leader.  It is coincidental (or is it?) that he receives the prize one day before the release of the film Invictus in which Morgan Freedom plays the role of President Nelson Mandela of South Africa in the 1990s.

Twenty years ago President Obama was a second-year student at Harvard Law School and President Mandela was serving a life sentence in prison in South Africa. What dreamer could possibly have envisioned that these men would become president of their countries AND WIN THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE?!?  They did and, in so doing, demonstrated our potential for change so profound that it seems surreal to those of us who can remember apartheid and Jim Crow.

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