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Funk 'N Me

George Clinton & Reginald

While shooting down in Louisiana, George Clinton came to visit the set and was treated like the visiting dignitary from another planet that he is.  Cast, crew and background were all in awe of him. 

Quentin Tarantino, George Clinton, Reginald Hudlin

Later that night, many of us when to HOUSE OF BLUES in New Orleans to get funked up.  Here’s me, George and Quentin Tarantino backstage before the show. 

Darryl Hannah, Samuel L. Jackson, Reginald Hudlin with Sir Nose D’Voidoffunk

Darryl Hannah, Samuel L Jackson and I hobnob with Sir Nose D’Voidoffunk, my man Carlos from East Boogie. 

Later that night, Michael “Clip” Payne came up to the balcony with a live mike and started doing his vocals from there.  So I had to grab the mike and start singing ONE NATION UNDER A GROOVE…because I could.  Fortunately, there was so much other sanging and music going on you couldn’t hear my terrible voice.

Later that night, Samuel. L helped himself to the same mike and recited the Bible verse from PULP FICTION over the sonic wail.  Most didn’t hear it, but it was dope nonetheless.

George Clinton & Samuel L. Jackson

I also got to hang with the always brilliant FOLEY who was killing it on drums with George and delivering dope insights after the show. 

Foley & Reginald

He’s got a band that’s opening some shows…here’s a sample:

The night ended with a long talk after the show with Woody Harrelson, who was working in town. Too bad I hadn’t seen GAME CHANGE yet.  He was incredible in the role.

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