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I don’t normally review stuff, because I don’t want to put down projects by dear friends, or alienate someone I might need something from in the future.  But sometimes a project must be spoken on.  In my world, there are Must Sees, Should Sees, Could Sees and Don’t Sees.  GOOD HAIR is a Must See.

GOOD HAIR is not just a tremendously entertaining film, it’s an Important Film.  Usually Important Films are ponderous and dry, but this film is anything but.  That’s because it’s also the first time that Chris Rock’s comedic sensibility has be successfully translated to film.  Sure, he’s starred, written, produced, even directed movies before, but this is the first true CHRIS ROCK movie; the Chris Rock that you love in his stand up specials BRING THE PAIN and BIGGER AND BLACKER; the Chris Rock you loved to see interview Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson on his HBO talk show; the Chris Rock who inherited the role of America’s social critic from Dick Gregory and Richard Pryor.

It was inevitable that someone would do a “black Michael Moore movie”.  We should all be glad it was Chris Rock.  His comedic style is built for this kind of essay, and through a seemingly mundane subject he explores identity, self-hate, the global economy and much more.  It’s also a love letter to black people and black women in general.  He doesn’t preach a solution, as much as we long to hear one, but that’s on us. 

Some might say it’s tragic that Chris Rock is the leading black intellectual of our generation.  You could focus on the failure of all those folks with PhDs to match his insights and ability to communicate subtle nuances to the public, or you can applaud that a guy with a GED can articulate class and gender issues with such aplomb.  In any case, Chris Rock is the Man and GOOD HAIR is the movie.  Special shout out to GOOD HAIR producer Nelson George, who has been one of Chris’ mentors for decades and having one hell of a career run of his own right now.  Nelson has been one of the key members of Chris’ team for a while, and his presence is felt throughout the project. 

GOOD HAIR – it’s a Must See, so go see it.  And tell me what you think.

Reginald Hudlin

Chris Rock Feels Oprah’s Hair

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