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House Party News

There’s been quite a bit of conversation about HOUSE PARTY in the news these days. Let me respond to what you may have heard. First of all, remember I only made the first one. I had no involvement in the sequels (except cashing a check because it was based on my creation). The studio made those films, and didn’t make them the way I would have. Truthfully, I haven’t seen most of the sequels. Why ruin my day?

A lot of people think it’s time for sequel or reboot of the HOUSE PARTY franchise, but none more than Full Force, who played the bullies in the original. Full Force has been talking about a sequel to HOUSE PARTY. I love Full Force, and we talk all the time. And yes, we’ve talked about a HOUSE PARTY sequel.

Then I get phone calls from actor friends telling me they are auditioning for what sounds like some direct to video sequel being shot in South Africa. South Africa? Oh and it’s being made on 4 week production schedule. So this is some quickie crap knock off.

Warner Premiere, the company who is financing this movie, is shutting down, this is one of their last corporate acts, to further stink up the HOUSE PARTY legacy. I haven’t read the script nor do I know anything about who’s in…it might turn out to be a masterpiece. But probably not.

I will revisit this subject matter, because kids deserve better than they get these days, but I’ll probably start from scratch and build a new franchise. Because I actually have imagination.

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