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The Hudlin 100 for 2010


This is the second of ten lists of ten different catagories of notable things of 2010. This week looks at the year in television.

10. Treme

This show delivered at least one transcendent moment of pure funk every week. Maybe it was two Black Indians in a bar with a tambourine. Maybe it was a jam session in a strip club. Maybe it was a funeral interrupted by a tour bus. But they are some of the blackest moments in the history of television. RIP David Mills, the Undercover Brother still very much missed.

9. Entourage

This season was about that that crazy chick, that chick with the best sex and the worst reputation. That chick that almost ruins your life unless you leave her orbit but it part of you will always miss her. But don’t call her. She will (inadvertently) finish the job of ruining your life. It’s over.

8. Jersey Shore

This show proves people of all colors qualify for the term “nigger”.

7. Outsourced

With Azziz on PARKS AND REC, Mindy Katling on THE OFFICE, on COMMUNITY and this amazing cast, East Indians are the new blacks of comedy. Black folks are about to be outsourced for real.

6. Tosh.O

So many people have tried to do the internet clip show, but this is The One. Daniel Tosh is a big comedy star and it’s amazing how he dances so close to offensive but doesn’t cross the line.

5. Directing “Psych”

Dule Hill, James Roday and the entire cast are great guys, but when you throw in Chi McBride it just took the whole shooting experience to a non-stop fun experience. Which leads into improvs like this one:

4. Sym-Bionic Titan

By the creator of SAMURAI JACK, but blows SAMURAI JACK out of the water. The wit, the tone, mixing of textures and styles….magnificent.

3. 30 Rock Live Episode

A gimmick done right. Made the most of the medium thanks to their SNL roots. A great return to form and a strong season this year

2. True Blood

Still the best show on TV. I feel like all three seasons were building to the spine yank moment.

1. The Walking Dead

Best new show of the year, period.

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