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The Biggest Foolishments Of 2011

1. The Republican Primaries

Republican debate

Ignorance is such a central part of the GOP agenda. From candidates wanting to abolish the Department of Education, candidates denying evolution, to Herman Cain’s “I’m a leader, not a reader”, Rick Perry’s “oops”, the GOP crop of Presidential timber is living proof you don’t have to be black to be an ignorant nigga.

The idea that any of these clowns is being taken seriously by half of the country says our best days as a nation are behind us.

2. Artificial Ass Expansion

Pebblez Da Model Bouncing That Booty, Donk, Onion! DAMN!

The only thing worse than wanting your ass bigger by injecting something foreign into it is having it done bootleg by some “doctor” who shoots your rump full of the stuff they use to inflate tires.

Ass expansion

3. Penn State

Sandusky arrest

The crime, the cover up, the rioting in defense of it, the racial component (which is never fully addressed) the implications of an institutional pedophile sex ring…nightmarish stuff.

4. Black Women On Reality Shows

Yes, the white women are also bananas, but we excel in this area. The women are at best mean to each other, but often violent; they are also shallow, materialistic, dumb and in desperate financial straits even AFTER being on TV. They can’t even parlay their “fame” Kardashian style.

But some women think that the image of video vixens in bikinis lounging in hot tubs in hip hop videos are far worse for our collective psyche. They shrug off the reality show stuff as silly entertainment….maybe because one is aimed at women, and the other is aimed at men.

The whole thing is a false choice because music videos, for the most part, are the thing of the past. Only a small fraction of the programming day of MTV, BET and VH1 is devoted to music videos anymore, so cash-strapped record companies don’t make as many. And several of women who appeared in those videos now star in these reality shows. And the ratings success of loud black women slapping each other means they’ll be around for a while.

5. The Voting Public

Voting Public

White people’s ability to vote against their own interest is a constant astonishment to me. The rich have DECLARED WAR on the poor and the middle class, don’t hide it, but you still may not re-elect the most successful President in years?

6. The End Of Democracy

Between CITIZENS UNITED giving corporations greater rights than individual human beings, the recently passed law that essentially ends the right to a fair trial, and attempts to shut down

the internet, The Bill of Rights is going through the shredder. American Presidents have been warning us about the damaging effect of corporate power can have on democracy for over a century – it’s time to take action and add a constitutional amendment that clarifies limits to their influence.

7. The Failures Of Organized Religion


I know there are some great folks in the Catholic ministry like the folks who ran the schools I attended as a child, and the folks who are helping the poor and staring down dictators all over the world. I try to keep those people in mind when the global pedophile ring run by the highest levels of the church continues unchecked. A lot of people need to go to jail.

And the black church is just a ridiculous. Somewhere we went from MLK in the pulpit to too many guys wearing gator shoes. You got Eddie Long’s shenanigans, fist fights between the first lady and the pastors’ mistress during service, and NOBODY talking about social justice. Meanwhile Mormonism is the fastest growing faith in America and Islam is the fastest internationally. That’s the biggest testament to traditional Christianity’s ability to stay relevant.

8. Quitting Before You Start

Used to be an entertainer or athlete would build a solid career before they screwed it all up with drugs, debauchery or just plain ol’ lack of focus. All I can think is folks are getting paid too much too fast because folks can’t wait to throw promising careers away. Why have Lauryn Hill, Dave Chappelle and Sam Hurd become role models? Is too much weed killing folk’s ambition? Go to work. You’re nowhere rich enough to retire, especially with all those leeches eating off you and your actual children depending on you.

9. Sophia Stewart and The Matrix

Sophia Stewart

She didn’t win any damn lawsuit, there is no cover-up…and there isn’t “something to it” because there’s no evidence that I’ve seen that she’s ever wrote ANYTHING but a press release. How could she claim her “story” won a court case for as the underlying rights to THE TERMINATOR when Harlan Ellison, a real science fiction writer, already won a case against that film? Did Harlan Ellison rip her off too?

How could she win a case about two different films simultaneously? Not to mention the film original Terminator was released a decade before the Matrix, and from a different studio than the Matrix.

Why are we addicted to victimhood and allergic to research? How many times does this story have to be debunked? Why can’t we read the story and see how absurd her claims are?

10. Black Folks Have No Exit Strategy

Black folks hate being mired in poverty and ignorance, but get real suspicious if not downright hostile if you’re too educated or too wealthy. How much is too much? Well, there should be no limit to either. We can’t aspire to success if getting too rich or too smart makes you “not black”.

It’s getting so bad we give folks side eye if they lose weight. How can you think someone is stuck up if they are taking care of their health? Is it better they die of obesity related issues like so many folks did this year?

And the whole pre-emptive hating on light skinned people has to stop. What if the people you said “weren’t really black” said they weren’t really black? You’d pitch a fit about how they are denying their heritage. So stop trying to have it both ways.

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