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Best Movies Of 2013

1. Fast And Furious 6

I went to the FAST AND FURIOUS premiere, and a few weeks later, paid money see it again.

2. World War Z

Finally, a zombie movie that looks at the big picture of global infection!

3. Philomena

Great example of how to tell a story about a social injustice with the right mix of humor and pathos.  

4. Wolf Of Wall Street

When Martin Scorcese makes movies about amoral characters like GOODFELLAS and CASINO and RAGING BULL, he doesn’t get any awards…but years later, people lament that he wasn’t recognized for his most vital work. Well, it happened again. 

5. The Purge

One of the best concepts for a film I’ve seen in a while. We’ll be seeing sequels and spinoffs to this idea for a long time. 

6. Iron Man 3

I love that they used one of the best modern IRON MAN storyline with Warren Ellis’ extremis and made a sequel that not only topped the first two films, but could follow THE AVENGERS.  

7. Blue Jasmine

One can argue that Woody Allen is the greatest living filmmaker. He’s had such a long and prolific career, one could name at least 12 masterpieces from different phases of his career. 

8. Despicable Me 2

This is my kids’ favorite film of all time, beating out the first DESPICABLE ME. I enjoyed it too! Not to mention it totally deserved to win best song…not just for HAPPY, but this song too.

9. Her

I’ve never seen a movie about how technology changes society that didn’t involve a trumped up excuse for violence. And the production design was glorious. 

10.  Fruitvale Station

This movie made me squirm in recognition of the sweet hearted screw up of a lead character. Yes, I cried at the end, but that’s not a reason to avoid the film. See it!  

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