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Ten Best Music And Dance Clips Of 2013

1. Heaven Dancing on Ellen

A cute mom and daughter do their thing on Ellen. A whole lotta cute results.

2. Welcome to Tokyo

Japanese cool with pop locking flavor.

3. Couple On Subway Dancing

The exuberance of youth and love.

4. Video for Radioactive

One of the biggest records of the year, but man, what a disturbing video!

5. Janelle Monae’s Prime Time & Dance Apocalpyptic

Prime Time is a surprisingly moving short film, and Dance Apocalyptic reminds of when videos were fun!

6. Jimmy Fallon and The Roots

Jimmy Fallon and The Roots keep finding fresh ways to present music.

7. Marvin Gaye accapella – Heard It Through The Grapevine

When isolated, you can really appreciate the power of Marvin’s vocals and the aching beauty of the song.

8. Afro Beatles

Brilliant conceptual mashup!  Imagine this musical forces meeting in Swinging London in the 60s…this might have been the result.

9. Kind of Blue sheet music animated

This video is so beautiful and sad…too bad we could have a show/movie/special of moments like this.

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