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Best Television Shows Of 2013

1. Game of Thrones

The drama, the politics, the soap opera, the supernatural….I love it all.

2. Key and Peele

They have really caught their stride this year.

3. Boardwalk Empire

I was out, but the addition of Jeffery Wright and the brilliant politics of the conflict between him and Chalky White led to greatness.

4. Restaurant Impossible

Thanks to my daughter, I now know that the cooking channel is the new family entertainment. 

5. Teen Titans Go!

My kids like this funny, inventive show way more that dramatic, serious Teen Titans. 

6. The Blacklist

Best new show of the year.

7. Sleepy Hollow

Great mythology, great looking leads, and best of all, a secret black show, i.e. one with three or more black principial actors.

8. Shark Tank

My wife’s favorite show, but my daughter likes it too.  We learn a lot from it.

9. The Daily Show

Kudos to John Oliver for never missing a beat, and kudos to Jon Stewart jumping back in like he never left.  Crucial information presented with brilliance.

10.  No Reservations

Travel show, food show, political show…good show.

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