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Me And JJ Abrams At The Producer’s Guild Conference


Conversation with J.J. Abrams

Because of my work on DJANGO UNCHAINED, I am a member of the Producer’s Guild, which makes me very proud.   What made me prouder was JJ Abrams asking me to interview him for his appearance at the PGA’s “Produced By…” conference. 

Reggie interviewing J.J. Abrams

I asked JJ the questions I wanted to know, like how, as a devoted dad, he balanced work and home life, and how he decided which projects to take on.  I also wondered what he learned from two parents in the business. 


Before the session, I got a haircut.  When they found out where I was going, they insisted that I ask whether the new STAR WARS movie would use material from the “extended universe” novels.  JJ said the question was beneath me, and wondered what kind of barbershop I am going to.  But between debating Kobe vs. MJ and Ghostface vs. Tupac, such conversation did take place and I had to represent.  No answer was forthcoming.  Still, a good time was had by all.

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