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Miles 20 Years Later

This is not from the LA show, but this gives a fraction of the feeling of the night.

Miles Tribute Show

Miles left the planet 20 years ago, but his music, his cultural affect continues.  Three of his alumni, Marcus Miller, Herbie Hancock (lot of alliteration there) and Wayne Shorter teamed up and did a series of concerts celebrating his music.  Since Miles didn’t look back, they turned the music inside out and arranged as the soundtrack to Miles’ dreams.

Marcus Miller, Herbie Hancock and Reginald

After going backstage, I was leaving with my man Steve McKeever and said I had never met Herbie Hancock.  Steve said he’s never taken a picture with him.  So we went back to fix both those mistakes.

Herbie Hancock, Steve McKeever, Marcus Miller, and Reginald

Herbie was lovely and we got the dope picture with Herbie and Marcus in the shot.  Niiiice, real nice.