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Miles And Me

RH and Frances Davis

Me with Miles Davis’ ex-wife Frances.  My wife met her years ago and she kept her fascinated with great stories from her life.   She danced with the great Kathrine Dunham, who changed our families’ life as well. 

Miles Davis Exhibition

The Davis family hosted a small exhibition of Miles Davis’ art at a gallery in Los Angeles to celebrate the publication of a coffee table book of his work.

Miles Davis The Collected Artwork

The art was cool, with music spun by the son of Stanley Clarke.  I kicked with Vince Wilburn, Miles’ nephew and a bandleader his self; Nas, who calmly told a hear-wrenching story of owning and losing an original piece of Miles’ art; and some folks who know my mom, because everywhere I go in LA I meet people who love my mom.  She has a busier social life than me. 

Nas, Vince Wilburn, Erin Davis

Nas, Vince Wilburn, Miles’ son Erin Davis.  Vince grew up in East St. Louis too.

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