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The Hudlin 100 Music for 2011

1. Watch The Throne

The album, the tour…the long awaited Jay Z/Kanye West collabo dominated last year.

2. Prince: 21 Nights

Prince reminded all of LA what real music is…and did it at a very reasonable ticket price.  Class act.

3. George Clinton Tribute At The Apollo Theatre

George Clinton, Bernie Worrell and Bootsy Collins back together again. The true funkateers understand.

4. “Life’s A Happy Song”, The Muppet Movie

Best musical number in a movie this year.

5. Mos Def “World Premiere”

I played this track all year long.

6. FELA!

I know, it’s come and gone on Broadway, but it was great to hear Afrobeat live at the LA performance of the show.

7. Aretha Franklin:  Rare And Unreleased

What a great way to hear old favorites in a new way, and to discover gems I can’t believe weren’t released before now.  This is my favorite, but the previously unreleased FOOL ON THE HILL and MY CUP RUNNETH OVER are right there too.

8. Arthur Prysock – This Is My Beloved

Speaking of classics, I had never heard this before my brother in law turned me onto it.  Thanks Jon!

9. Wyatt Case’s Eclectic Relaxation Mixtape

This was the DJ at my 50th birthday party.  He hit me with this sick mix tape at the end of the night.  My favorites were the reggae/r&b mix of love songs, and the Erykah Badu/Jimi Hendrix mash up.

DJ Wyatt Case – Eclectic Relaxation (CD) at Discogs

10. Kareem Powell – Reflections In Black And White

Last but not least is the HEF’S on Kareem Powell, who has produced a wonderful solo piano album.  I play it a lot because I like it a lot.  Get yours!

Kareem Powell’s Website

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