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My Dinner With George

George Clinton

Several months ago I was called by an old friend to participate in an auction for a charity supporting young black boys.  I wanted to lend my support but thought auctioning dinner with me wasn’t enough of an item to make any real money.  Since Earl (one of the organizers) is a long time P.Funk soldier, he called George Clinton, who agreed to go to dinner with me and whoever won the bid.

Auction winners

So a lovely black family who were both funk and film fans met George Clinton at a LA burger joint.  George apologized for being slightly late, said he just left Sly Stone in the studio, and joined us for dinner.

His trademark multicolored braids were gone,  which I heard he cut off after the death of Gary Shider, aka Star Child, one of the key members of the band.

Gary Shider, Starchild

George was rocking a straw hat and a sweater as a sort of scarf.  Needless to say, he made it look fly.

Aqua Boogie album cover by Overton LoydI’ve known George for over 20 years now, and I still can’t believe I have a personal relationship with him.  He even recognizes my mom by sight.  I am not a Funkadelic (I think Overton Loyd may be one of the few non-musicians who can claim that title), but I am certainly “funk-affiliated”.

David Mills

I can’t discuss this without a shout out to the late great David Mills, the only funk fan I will admit had a deeper mastery of the P than me.

Absolute Funk at the ApolloSo when my funk sister Vivian Scott-Chew reached out to me to help put together a charity event for Harlem Hospitals honoring George Clinton, I was all the way there.

Unfortunately, I won’t literally be there.  I’m knee deep in two big projects right now, so I will be sending friends to funk in my stead.  However, I am trying to cut together a cool video to show.

If you are in the New York area, please show up and support.  You have nothing to lose but your draws.

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