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My Favorite TV Shows 2014

Every year I make ten different lists of ten things.

This list is of my favorite TV shows of the 2014.

Because television is the most exciting medium today…more than movies, more than music, more than art…I can’t keep up with all the good TV shows. So some of your favorites may not be on the list because I haven’t seen it yet.

This list is in no particular order:

10. The Walking Dead

Is there a better season opener than the Terminus episode?

9. Jane The Virgin

I didn’t expect to like this telenovela adaptation as much as I do, but it’s really funny, clever and full of beautiful people.

8. Mr. Dynamite

It’s a documentary movie that debuted on HBO, and it was fantastic.

7. Key & Peele

Still maintaining high standards in comedy, social insight and production value.

6. Homeland

This show reinvented itself beautifully.

5. Inside Amy Schumer

This underrated gem has figured out how to be feminist and sincerely funny every week.

4. Game Of Thrones

Always my favorite show.

3. Mike Tyson Mysteries

Beautifully absurd and impossible to describe.

2. Last Week with John Oliver

In a crowded marketplace, Oliver has staked out a territory separate from Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and Bill Maher.  Crucial viewing.

1. True Detective

Was this show this year?  Last year?  It seems like it was a lifetime ago but damn it changed everything.