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We’re tired of "entertainment" that ignores us, that talks down to us, that panders us, that trivializes us. We’re White, Black, Asian, Latin, and some other categories besides those…and sometimes we’re a mix of all the above. We’re male, we’re female, we’re straight, we’re gay. We are comfortable in our own skin.

We’re on our laptops, we’re on our phones, we’re in theatres, we’re at the concert, we’re at the protest, we’re one on one in person.

Some of us don’t even have a TV. We want it smart, we want it funny, we want it deep, we want it hot, we want it sexy, we want it inspiring, we want it all.

We like funny sketches, we like outrageous reality shows, we like crazy animation. We like action, we like science fiction, we like horror. But we like it when it’s good.

We’re not scared to be stupider than stupid. We’re not scared to express our opinion. We’re not scared to change our mind. We’re not scared…period.

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