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Obama, Sotomayor and the Fear of a Black Planet

"Sotomayor’s/Obama’s view that White Men have to get to the back of the bus is sure to create conflict. Already his stimulus has been jiggered so that the money goes to female-centric employment (social workers, teachers, health care) and not to male-centric (bridges, roads, construction).

I know as a White Male I’ll be LAST for health care, for employment, for hiring, for promotions, for raises, for pretty much everything, in the Half-Blood Prince’s reign. So no matter how dreamy women (and non-Whites) find him, he is my absolute enemy. So I wish him nothing but the worst."

This nugget was found in the comments on a Hollywood blog that compared Obama to Harry Potter

What’s interesting about this response is the naked fear of a black planet expressed by the poster.  I guess if I was an incompetent, insecure white man I would fear Obama and Sotomayor too.  After all, they need an unfair playing field to stay in the game.  Too many well educated, hard working, accomplished people of color in the applicant pool and they will be out of job. 

Thank goodness there are enough secure, competent white men who understand that this country needs the best people in the job, and that the “affirmative action” of the Ol’ Boys Club has led this country into a ditch.

Reginald Hudlin

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