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Oscars 2016

Reggie at Oscars luncheon

Me speaking at the Oscar luncheon.

Whew, the Oscars are finally over, I’m almost recovered so I wanted to document some of the high points with articles and pictures I was too busy to post while it was all happening.

All photos either by me or the Andrew Cooper.

The Oscars big board

The big board. This is the show. Each strip of paper is a moment, divided into 14 acts. We’ve sweated over this thing for months. Then it turned to paper, then actual events broadcast worldwide.

Reggie with AMPAS president Cheryl Boone Isaacs

Me with AMPAS president Cheryl Boone Isaacs at the Sci-Tech Awards.

Parking place

It’s a parking space at the Dolby Theater, where the Oscars are held. It’s not a big deal. But these little things make it very real to me.

Reserved parking at Capitol Studios

Reserved parking at Capitol Studios where we worked with Sam Smith, Dave Grohl and Lady Gaga on their Oscar performances.

Reggie Byron Phillips and composer Danny Elfman

Me, Byron Phillips and composer Danny Elfman.

88th Oscars

Now we’re in the final rehearsals.

Oscars stage

The beautiful Oscar stage. We changed the look for every act, and every award.

Reggie and Alexander with Chris Rock

Chris Rock gives my son Alexander valuable advice.

Alex, Reggie, Chris Rock

My son got chilly so I gave him my coat.

AMPAS CEO Dawn Hudson, ABC Ben Sherwood, Chris Rock and Reggie

AMPAS CEO Dawn Hudson, ABC Ben Sherwood, Chris Rock and I have a good time.

Chris Rock & Reggie

Rock and I work it out.


Meanwhile my daughter Helena plays on my phone.

Reggie, Helena, & Chrisette

She preps her Oscar speech while her mother Chrisette looks on.

Oscars floor

The custom made floor for the Oscars. The detail is incredible.

The Band

We brought the band back from performing down the street at Capitol Records to back in the pit of the Dolby Theater.

JJ Abrams at rehearsal

The day before the show, the producers meet with all the presenters, fine tune their introductions, and rehearse on stage. JJ Abrams leaves us laughing. He has an amazing wit.

Quincy Jones at rehearsal

Quincy Jones was the first black producer of the Oscars. There were protests by Jesse Jackson the year he did the show. The more things change….

Reggie & Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi was a staunch supporter of the show despite calls for the boycott. She hosted the show the year Quincy produced it.

Quincy Jones & Pharrell

Pharrell and Quincy rehearse on stage.

Security passes

Security passes for special guests.

Oscar night security

Security on the approach to the Oscars is air tight.

Mrs. Hudlin Oscar night

But they are still nice to mom as she approaches in the limo.

Hudlin Family on the Red Carpet

The Hudlin family on the Red Carpet. Success is nothing without someone you love to share it with.

The Hudlins pre-show

Hanging with the family right before showtime.

Chris Rock – Oscar’s Monologue 2016 (Eng Subs)

Louis CK Gives Hilarious Intro To Short Doc Filmmakers

Helena and Chrisette

Shot of my daughter Helena discussing the show with my wife Chrisette.

Helena & Alex

All the way to the far right, there’s my daughter, and a helpful viewer is pointing out my son Alexander.

The Revenant Bear

The bear from Revenant waits for his time to shine.

Reggie at the Oscars

I don’t know how they nabbed this shot of me moving through the crowd between acts, but I guess it was in the show.

Oscars cake

While the show was going on, power couple Steve and Candace McKeever hosted an Oscar viewing party with a lot of our friends. So nice!

End credits

And just like that, it was over.