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President Barack Obama, 2009 Nobel Peace Prize winner

I am POSITIVELY stunned by the selection of President Barack
Obama as the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize winner.  I am also ready for the
detractors because of the reactions to Martin Luther King’s selection in
1964.  Alabama was almost as segregated in 1964 and it was in 1963
and the Selma Crisis was yet to come.  Further, I was told by elders
what W. E. B. Du Bois, et al, thought when Woodrow Wilson won the Prize
in 1919 for his efforts with the League of Nations, an organization that
wasn’t quite a resounding success.  The Prize is seldom without

In my judgment, the Nobel Prize Committee rewards both promise and
production, symbol and substance.  We need only think of its
ventures into South Africa, Northern Ireland and the Middle East where
peace seems always to be "a work in progress."

God bless its 2009 decision.

Best regards,

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