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Reggie And Friends At Comicon

Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez, Marjorie Liu, and Reggie

New friends, old friends…SDCC had all the above, like this picture of Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez, who I worked with on the Marvelous Color comic book art exhibition several years ago and is currently editor of the great new DMC comic book series! Edgardo and I had never met in person before but our friendship deepened even more as we joked about the supposed health benefits of pig guts in Latin and Black American cuisine!

The lovely lady in the middle is Marjorie Liu: writer on Astonishing X Men, attorney, novelist and teacher at MIT!  

Together the three of us form a rainbow coalition of kickassery! 

Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez, Reggie, and DMC

My man Edgardo and me with DMC, one of the founding fathers of hip hop, promoting his new comic book series. Darryl is a really nice guy, and we have a very animated conversation that amused the crowd that was patiently waiting on his autograph.  

Hernandez Brothers and Reggie

If Fellini had stuck to cartooning instead of becoming the cinematic master of neo-realism and surrealism…he would be the Hernandez Brothers. Each so talented and unique (even from each other) as writers and artists. I can’t believe they finally won their first Eisner after decades of great work.  

Warren Drummond with his son, Josh, Jim Steranko, and Reggie

Bucket list: Jim Steranko was a huge influence on me as a young man.  His innovative art and writing in Captain America and Nick Fury: Agent of Shield ushered in a new generation of storytelling in the late 1960s.  He would combine Orson Welles, Salvador Dali and 60s psychedelica to radically reinvent the medium. His two-part HISTORY OF COMICS was hugely impactful to me both in its thorough layout of the golden age of comics and as an artist who was also a historian. Jim was an escape artist in his younger days, and after comics, helped design INDIANA JONES!  

Jim’s recent reappearance in the public eye (especially his hilarious Bob Kane story on twitter) has been a treat to fans. It was a pleasure to finally meet him and thank him for his contributions.  

The man to the left taking the picture is storyboardist and all around great guy Warren Drummond with his son, Josh.

Reggie with Sergio Aragones and Denys Cowan

Here I am with Milestone co-founder Denys Cowan and Sergio Aragones, he of the great little cartoons in the margins of MAD magazine and the long running Groo comic. Sergio is one of the all time great ladies men. While Denys was telling me about how Sergio could stare at a beautiful woman walking toward him down the street and seduce her by the time they were face to face, a lovely young woman walked up to him and started a flirty conversation.  

Kevin Grevioux and Ken Lashley with his two daughters

I was lucky enough to work with brilliant artist Ken Lashley at the end of my Black Panther run, but hope to collaborate with him next year as well. Here he is with his two daughters and Kevin Grevioux, scientist, actor and creator of the UNDERWORLD franchise. I had a better picture of Kevin, but Ken’s expression was good I went with this one.  Sorry Kev.  

Milestone panel at Comic-Con

There was also a Milestone panel this year, which focused on the legacy of Afro Futurism (expressed over the decades through artists like Sun Ra, George Clinton, The Wu Tang Clan and Janelle Monae) as well as the history and future of Milestone comics and the curious origin of the Black Panther animated series.  

Host Phil LaMarr kept it peppy and lively, while panelists Selwyn Hines (VOODOO CHILE) and Milestone founders Denys Cowan and Michael Davis took turns rocking the mike. I did what I do.  

John Sempter and Reggie

John Sempter is a legendary writer who has worked on the Spider Man, Hulk, Static Shock and Ghostbusters animated series, as well as the Kid and Play movie I didn’t make – Class Act. John himself is also a Class Act! 

Bill Seinkowicz and Denys Cowan

Bill Seinkowicz and Denys Cowan – legendary artists, great guys, despite Denys’ sinister expression…have teamed up on my new book! I can’t wait till you see it next year! Their collaboration is seamless!  

Marjorie Liu, Reggie, HEF's Sam Wilson, Keith Kopinski and Joe Thomas Jr.

HEF stalwart Sam Wilson represents to the fullest at all times. Thanks for introducing me to Magarie Liu! You, Keith Kopinski and Joe Thomas Jr. hold it down at all times! 

Hardware store

Even hardware stores in downtown San Diego are getting in on the act with namesake Milestone characters. Best Comicon ever for me. Can’t wait till next year.

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