Hudlin Entertainment

Reggie At Work

In addition to producing the Oscars, I’ve had a very busy fall working with many wonderful actors.

Mike Epps & Reggie

Mike Epps and I on the set of UNCLE BUCK, his new show on ABC. Mike posted this picture with the caption “Reggie Hudlin and I burnin’ bridges!”, which was a reference to the script. We had a great time together on set.

TI & Reggie

When you have a star like Mike Epps on set, other celebrities drop by, like TI. Humble, charming, funny and every inch a star. I can’t wait to work with him.

Eva Longoria & Reggie

Eva Longoria invited me to direct an episode of TELENOVELA, a funny new series on NBC. Don’t let the beauty fool you – Eva is a dynamo! She’s producing the series, very politically active and very charitable. She’s also devoted to her family – we both have mothers who are mental health experts. Love her personality and her politics – we both bonded over black and brown unity.

Jose Moreno Brooks and Alex Meneses with Reggie

Me with Jose Moreno Brooks and Alex Meneses, two of the hilarious stars of TELENOVELA.

Sidney Portier & Reggie

I stopped by to pay homage to GOAT Sidney Poitier who received the NAACP’s highest honor, the Springarn Award. I kept it quick and thanked him for directing and starring in BUCK AND THE PREACHER, which I saw many times at the Loew’s State Theater in downtown St. Louis.

Brian Siberell, Nelson George, Sean Daniels & Reggie

Writer/director Nelson George was in town to support his great new film A BALLERINA’S TALE starring Misty Copeland, which was a great reason for old friends to gather. From left to right is Brian Siberell, Nelson’s agent at CAA; Nelson George; legendary producer Sean Daniels and myself.