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Reggie & Ebony

Reggie & Ebony

I’m now writing a monthly comic strip called YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH for EBONY magazine. Denys Cowan (BATMAN, BLACK PANTHER/CAPTAIN AMERICA: FLAGS OF OUR FATHERS) is drawing the strip.

How did such a thing come about, you ask? One day I get a call from my old friend Terry Glover, who used to help me out when I was making no-budget video projects in Chicago back in the day. She’s now managing editor at Ebony, which is cool in itself. She told me they are completely revamping the magazine and that they want replace the old “Just for Laughs” page with a serialized graphic novel with a cliffhanger ending each month. I told them I’d do it.

I love that our generation is getting the chance to evolve our institutions. I answered the call once, and want to support others as they take on that daunting task. I also love exposing non-comic book readers to the full range of what the medium can do, and I love having a monthly soapbox to rail about whatever I’m thinking about.

Which leads to the inevitable question, what is YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH about?

Well, I wanted it to be funny, because people expect comics to be funny. I wanted to leads to be a classic “Ebony family” – good looking, intelligent, middle class husband, wife and two children…which also happens to mirror my own.

Then it’s gonna go to an ill place. A shocking place. It’s gonna take it’s sweet time, but keep reading.

Denys Cowan and Reggie

My first call once I agreed to do this strip was to Denys Cowan. Denys is a very versatile artist, he’s super dependable, and he draws “pretty”, which I also knew was important for the assignment. He’s got a great sense of story that makes my work better.

Ebony April CoverThe first installment is in the new and revamped Ebony this month. You may not have checked Ebony in a while…or ever, but with my manz Chris Rock and Steve Harvey on the cover, I would have at least flipped through it anyway. But now you gotta buy it.

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