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December 07, 2020

In Conversation with Kelly Coffey and Reginald Hudlin: Reshaping the Entertainment Industry

For the past nine months, Hollywood has been forced to pause, pivot and adapt as the coronavirus pandemic continues to reshape the entertainment business. Movie studios have pushed back release dates, award shows have been reinvented and entertainment powerhouses have shifted focus to create competitive streaming products.

Meanwhile, Americans have continued the longstanding fight for social justice as a moment turned into a movement in our communities and throughout social media.

So what should listeners expect in the future from Hollywood, an entertainment industry that has been significantly affected by an unprecedented pandemic and a historic push for equality?

In this episode of the Conversations podcast, City National Bank CEO Kelly Coffey speaks with Hollywood legend Reginald Hudlin about how the pandemic has forced the industry to evolve and what role the entertainment business plays in the fight for social justice.

Known as the screenwriter, director and producer of movies like House Party, Boomerang, Marshall and The Black Godfather, Hudlin gave a sneak peak behind his new film ‘Safety’ coming soon to Disney+. Hudlin also discussed his historic production of the 2020 Primetime Emmy Awards, recalling the time when host Jimmy Kimmel responded to one of Hudlin’s ideas by saying, “What happens when it doesn’t work? I guarantee you that’s not going to work.” Spoiler alert: Hudlin made it work.

Click the link above to listen to their conversation.