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Reggie’s Black History Month Film Festival

Black historical stories are not and should not be uniformly depressing stories that you “must see” instead of want to see.  Here’s a list of five of my projects that will entertain the hell out of you while you learn stories you need to know. 


I always placed Thurgood Marshall on the same pedestal that I placed Martin Luther King and Malcolm X.  Three different men who dedicated their lives to helping Black people, and in doing so, transformed America and made the world a better place.  

I never thought I would get the opportunity to make a film about his life, but it happened!  Producer Paula Wagner brought me the script, and a Chinese company financed the film after every studio in Hollywood turned it down.  I assembled a dream cast with Chadwick Boseman, Josh Gad, Sterling K. Brown and Kate Hudson and we made a movie about Thurgood’s early years as a bold, fly and cocky lawyer who fought for justice against incredible odds.  


Sometimes heroes are famous.  Sometimes their stories are lost in history, sometimes, like in the case of Clarence Avant, heroes don’t seek the spotlight.  Sometimes being famous gets in the way of getting things done. 

That’s one of the many lessons to be learned watching THE BLACK GODFATHER, where you see a man overcome one giant obstacle after the next to become a force in the entertainment business, a master negotiator, a huge supporter of political change, and a loving husband and father.  This movie is a blueprint for success.   

THE BLACK GODFATHER is available on Netflix.


Sidney Poitier is one of the most important actors in history.  Not only was he a master thespian, his contributions on and off screen to the civil rights movement had worldwide impact. I was honored to tell his story, coming from an island with no resources except the wisdom and willpower given to him by his parents, and his ability to evolve with the times and opportunity.  

Two time Oscar winner, author, director, producer, Ambassador to Japan, father of six daughters, friends with Harry Belafonte, Marlon Brando, Quincy Jones, Barbra Streisand, Paul Newman, mentor to Denzel Washington and many more….Sidney Poitier is everything.

SIDNEY is available on Apple Plus.


Our history isn’t just about great men, but great institutions and movements.  My docu-series PHAT TUESDAY is about the evolution of Black comedy was fostered by Black comedy clubs like The Comedy Act Theater and Phat Tuesdays, which led to a nationwide transformation of how Black comedy was brought into the mainstream, leading to more movies and TV shows.

PHAT TUESDAY has the funniest people ever in it, including Steve Harvey, Dave Chappelle, Cedric the Entertainer, Joe and Guy Torry, Bill Bellamy, Lil Rel, Tiffany Haddish, Bob Saget,  Snoop Dogg, Anthony Anderson, Regina King, Nick Cannon, JB Smoove, Kym Whitley, Flame Monoe and more.

PHAT TUESDAY is available on Amazon Prime.


Unlike the other films on this list, I didn’t direct this one, but I’m very proud being a producer on this masterpiece by Quentin Tarantino.  DJANGO UNCHAINED is a fictional story, but very much grounded in true stories about that horrible era in American history.  

A lot of people complain about not wanting to watch “slave movie” and dismissing them as torture porn. I understand that complaint, but DJANGO UNCHAINED is the opposite of that.  It’s a movie that will make you laugh, cringe in horror and cheer wildly.  We need more stories like this on the big screen!