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Reginald Hudlin On Disney’s ‘Safety,’ Why Latinx Stories Don’t Get Hollywood Love, Can The Comic Book Industry Be Saved Through Diversity?

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Director Reginald Hudlin, (‘House Party,’ ‘Boomerang,’ ‘Marshall’) discusses his new Disney movie ‘Safety’ out on streaming now. Hudlin is a screenwriter, director, producer, media executive and comic-book writer. He was the former President of Entertainment for BET, has written numerous graphic novels, co-produced the 2016 Academy Awards as well as the Emmys. He also earned an Academy Award nomination for Best Picture as a producer for Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained. He talks about telling Black stories at Disney, what he believes are the key reasons why Latinx stories aren’t breaking through in Hollywood, and if the comic book industry can reinvent themselves through diversity.