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Revolution, it's the only solution


Today I took donuts from the teacher’s lounge and gave them to a hungry kid.

But let me clarify,

The lady who brings those donuts is a 50 something republican/Christian fundamentalist/ultra right wing white lady. She once had an open conversation in said lounge about how MLK day is a "worthless" holiday and "they don’t deserve a day". I took that bitch’s donuts and gave them to a kid with a neck tattoo. He was hungry, said his mom has no food in the house. Not uncommon in my school. I had no money, I had to improvise. So I took the bitch’s donuts.

Yo, all of you do me a favor. Do something revolutionary. Exercise your right to civil disobedience, which can take on a whole new meaning if you live in an uncivil society like I do. Take from the haves, give to the have nots. Be nice to a kid with a neck tattoo. Raise your fist and extend your middle finger if you have to.

Revolution, it’s the only solution. I’m Sam Wilson, and I teach in a public high school…

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