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San Diego Comic-Con 2013


Reginald and Orlando Jones

This is me and the hilarious, inventive and hard working Orlando Jones at the annual Black Panel. People were really coveting my custom, limited edition Milestone shirt.

Reggie at the SDCC Black Panel with Steve McKeever

I wasn’t on the panel this year so I got to sit next to friend and Hidden Beach Records owner Steve McKeever and enjoy the show. With hilarity from Orlando Jones AND Wayne Brady, and deep insights from the brilliant artist Ken Lashley, it was the best black panel ever.

Reggie at SDCC Black Panel

Even though I was not scheduled to be on the panel, Orlando sent a DJANGO question my way since I was in the audience. I was asked if DJANGO will change Hollywood’s attitude about films with black heroes. 

Here’s the kick ass finale to the Black Panel – sizzle reels to two cool projects:

Here’s the whole black panel on video:

Milestone 20th Anniversary Tribute by John Jennings

The panel immediately following was the 20th Anniversary tribute to Milestone. Here is a awesome piece of art by John Jennings.

Reggie moderating SDCC Milestone panel

I was the moderator of the Milestone Panel. But the panel started with the Milestone founders Denys Cowan, Derek Dingle and Michael Davis getting Inkpot Awards from the San Diego Comicon. It was a pretty magical moment.

Denys Cowan

Here’s Denys with his Inkpot Award in one hand, and a fan-made Hardware helmet in the other. 

Milestone founders

Here are the surviving Milestone founders Michael, Derek and Denys with their awards. My line of questions about the early days of Milestone actually made Michael cry, which shocked EVERYONE who knows him. 

Ken Lashley and Phil LaMarr

Here’s Ken Lashley with actor and voiceover king Phil LaMarr, who is the voice of Static Shock, among a million other jobs. 

Reggie & Shawn Martinborough

Here I am (with my Got Funk shirt gifted from Bootsy himself) with amazing artist Shawn Martinborough.

John Romita, Jr., Reggie, Axel Alonso, Klaus Jansen

After talking with Marvel Editor In Chief Axel Alonso at the Marvel party the night before, I accepted his invitation to crash the John Romita Jr tribute panel. Axel himself moderated the discussion with the defining Marvel artist, and penciller on the first six issues of BLACK PANTHER. Here I am with Axel, JR Jr, and brilliant inker Klaus Jansen.  Sorry for the soft focus on the picture, but that’s because we all felt warm and fuzzy.

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