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Static is Building His Own Justice League With Milestone’s Heroes

The Milestone Universe might be about to have its own Justice League Dakota, featuring Static, Icon, Rocket, Hardware, and possible other heroes.


The Milestone Universe might be about to have its own Justice League Dakota, featuring StaticIcon, Rocket, and Hardware. Although technically a part of the broader DC Universe, the Dakotaverse has focused on itself with interconnected storylines and characters.

Since the 90s’, Milestone Media has had their own cinematic universe in the form of comics. Thoughtfully constructed by the team of writers and artists, the city of Dakota has always had compelling world-building. Similar to Marvel’s version of New York City, superheroes like Static and Icon coexist with very different ongoing stories and personal lives. However, major components of each title overlap, such as the Big Bang which gave birth to an army of super-powered villains referred to as “bang babies.” There have been occasions when Dakota’s protectors have teamed up, and it seems like the rebooted Milestone is ramping up to a new crossover.

During DC FanDome, it was announced by Denys Cowan and Reginald Hudlin that the Dakotaverse cast of superheroes will share stories in the near future. At the moment, characters are already crossing over into each other’s issues, as inventor Curtis Metcalf AKA Hardware provided Virgil Hawkins with his first costume to wear as Static. With such an interaction occurring this early on in Static: Season One, readers have reason to look forward to the day when all the Milestone heroes share a panel. The Milestone portion of DC FanDome went onto announce that an animated Dakotaverse team-up movie is in the works, with a teaser image illustrated by comic book artist, Bill Sienkiewicz.

As Static: Season One, Icon and Rocket: Season One, and Hardware: Season One are setting the stage for potential adaptations, there’s a strong chance that they will tease what fans can expect in the animated film. Since each series is beginning with a six-issue first season, a crossover could come soon after their season finales as a climatic event. With Virgil already knowing Curtis Metcalf, it’s just a matter of time until he meets Raquel Ervin AKA Rocket, who seems to attend his high school. Once Icon has joined the picture, the potential Justice League Dakota will finally be assembled.

The last time that the Dakota heroes were united was in Milestone Forever which released in 2010, opening the door for them to join the DC Universe. However, the Dakotaverse has surprisingly never had an official team involving Static and Icon among others. Since the Milestone titles are only beginning, there is still potential for a more expansive roster. Recently, Static’s friend Daisy discovered she has powers of her own from the Big Bang. As Static has also introduced Richie, it might be in the cards for him to eventually become his animated counterpart’s alter ego, Gear. Whether or not the team refers to itself as the Justice League DakotaStatic is certain to have some ideas for a name.