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The Black Panther is a Smash Hit!

Reggie, Kerry, Stan

I didn’t know Amazon had a list that specifically charted superhero animated DVDs. Thanks to Ture on the site for letting me know that the BLACK PANTHER DVD was #7 on the chart. So I looked, and it was #4. I looked a week later…and it’s #2.

When I talk to my retail friends they can’t seem to keep it in stock, so I’m sure that’s helping the Amazon numbers too.

Given that every other product on the top ten of list had more than one feature film and at least one or more television series to promote it (i.e. BATMAN, SUPERMAN, IRON MAN, etc), it was an amazing performance.

First, I want to thank the fans that have made my run on THE BLACK PANTHER the most successful in the character’s history. I also want to thank folks who have been buying the video and writing all those wonderful product descriptions on different sites. I also want to thank the critics who been supportive of the DVD as well.

Black Panther Reviews

Reginald Hudlin’s "Black Panther" is perhaps one of the most dynamic pieces of comic storytelling converted to animation.

The Trades

Featuring outstanding voice acting and a level of motion that blew away all competitors, the title left me itching for more.

n:zone Magazine

The Marvel Knights offering is filled with intrigue and action thanks to it being written masterfully by Reginald Hudlin and animated in true Marvel fashion by John Romita Jr. and it all comes to a climactic head with an ending that won’t let you down. Yeah, I know I’m nerding it up right now, but I can’t help it. This DVD was an absolute joy to behold.


With Black Panther, the decision was made to feature big-name actors (Djimon Hounsou, Alfre Woodard, Carl Lumbly) and pepper the cast with plenty of other recognizable voices (Nolan North, Phil LaMarr, Kevin Michael Richardson, Jill Scott, Stephen Stanton). It pays off splendidly.

The Examiner

‘Black Panther’ Animated Series Rocks: Are You Ready?

I loved it. T’Challa, voiced by Kimora’s boo Djimon Hounsou, has this catchy theme song and Kerry Washington and Alfre Woodard also contribute their vocals for T’Challa’s sister and mother, respectively. And like any good comic, the writer Reginald Hudlin, weaved in other superheroes including the X-Men and my favorite, Storm.

But what’s really interesting about the series is its incorporation of African history, including all of the European invaders from the Dutch to the French.


This is a fun, slick take on one of Marvel’s less-exposed characters.

Unlike Marvel’s earlier Saturday morning TV shows, Black Panther uses the original artwork done by John Romita, Jr. This isn’t simplified limited animation techniques commonly used. His shading and character design is part of the image.

bp-dvdI get asked a lot whether there will be more episodes of the BLACK PANTHER animated series. Or if I’m making the BLACK PANTHER feature film. Well, you guys have certainly sent a message to Hollywood that you want black superheroes, and you want it hardcore. So whether it’s the BLACK PANTHER or an original character, believe me I will continue to come with new and innovative product in print, animation and live action.


If you haven’t bought your copy of BLACK PANTHER yet, you can order your autographed copy here at REGGIESWORLD! And you can get a Black Panther or Storm T-shirt, statue, purse, wallet or hat while you’re at it!


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