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The Governor’s Awards 2015

The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences kicks off the Hollywood Award season with the Governor’s Awards, where they give honorary Oscars to legendary and overlooked talent. I produced the show last year, and as one of the producers of the Oscars this year, I had to attend. Not that it was a chore!  It’s a fun night and made even nicer since my friend Julie Lynn was doing the show this year.

Academy President Dawn Hudson with Reggie

Me and Academy President Dawn Hudson.  She’s originally from Hot Springs Arkansas, just like my dad! We’ve come a long way, baby!

Dawn Hudson. Will Smith & Reggie

Will Smith photobombs our picture. A superstar in every medium, and one of the nicest guys in the industry.

Ted Sarandos & Reggie

Ted Sarandos of Netflix, also one of the nicest guys in town.

Chrisette & Reggie

My wife and I enjoying the evening, as Gena Rowlands looks over us all.

Danny Boyle & Reggie

Me and Danny Boyle, an amazing director.