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The Oscars


Denzel Washington, Quvenzhane Wallis, and Reginald Hudlin

2013 Oscar nominees Denzel Washington (best actor), Quvenzhane Wallis (best actress) and Reginald Hudlin (motion picture of the year).

Right after I took it, I showed Quentin this picture, and he said “BOP GUN: Black Oscar Power”.

Earlier that week my old Harvard roommates were wishing me luck, which led into a cool conversation about the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.  The short version is that anything could be in the envelope until it is opened.  I share the observation with others, but Christoph is the only person who gets it…and builds on the notion. 

Boom! Christoph wins the first award of the night.  I felt like I mentally willed it to be moments before they read it. He knows his way around quantum physics.   He gives an awesome speech, one completely keeping with his class, intelligence and wit.

Christoph Waltz wins Oscar!

Here’s what’s crazy. Our friends rewound and did a freeze frame of the live shot, shot this screen grab and texted to us in the theatre as it was happening.  I love living in the future. 

I later find out this is the first of a half dozen times I ended up camera during the show.  Sitting near Christoph, Reese Witherspoon and the star of LIFE OF PI worked out well for me.

Reginald Hudlin with Quentin's Oscar

Quentin’s Oscar.  He earned it. 

Quentin Tarantino, Cameron Mitchell, Reginald Hudlin

QT, my agent Cameron Mitchell and I strike a pose.  After the Award show is over, we hit the Governor’s Ball.  We had not eaten since 2pm so thank goodness there was great food from our friends Wolfgang Punk and his wife Galila.

Jamie Foxx and daughter

After the Governor’s Ball, we headed to the Fabled Vanity Fair Party.  Here is Jamie Foxx with the beautiful daughter.  He usually has family with at important events like this.

Jamie Foxx and daughter again

Jamie is always great with the media.  A total entertainer. 

Oscars, The End

We came, we saw, we were seen, we partied.  Time to go home, sleep, and get up and start climbing the mountain again tomorrow.

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