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The Sonic Noir Landscapes of Sade Live at Staples 2011

Sade sepia nude

Let me just start with a simple declaration – Sade in her early 50’s is shitting on all these bitches out here. And that’s not me talking…that’s what my wife thinks!

Sade has always been one of the most beautiful women in the world. I’ve never even seen most of her videos because I couldn’t stand looking at her and not having her. The music was enough for me.

When you compare Sade to other musical artists her age…well, she’s crushing them with her beauty, her elegance, her classy sexual intrigue. Her look and music evokes moody black and white film noir classics like DOUBLE INDEMINITY and IN A LONELY PLACE.

Sade in concert

We got to attend the concert because friends of ours decided to make us godparents to their newborn. Niiiiice. So there we are, sitting in a box at the Staples Center grooving to opening act John Legend, who sounded great.

Sade appears to the martial grooves of SOLDIER OF LOVE. She moved through her hits, but supporting her year old latest album with a surprising number of slots. I would have traded out a couple of those tracks for TURN MY BACK ON YOU and personal favorite MAUREEN. The video footage greatly enhanced the pace of the show, which is tricky to maintain with only ballads and mid-tempos.

She did four outfit changes, each raising the game. By the time she came out, hair down, barefoot in a plunging gown, I was done.

Sade in concert on screen

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