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The System Is Broken

  Sam Wilson: Revolution, It’s the Only Solution 

home sick, lost my voice, excessive coughing. Anyway…

My co-teacher, the one who refuses to teach because the kids are to bad and she has to work on her masters degree. the one who is says it’s okay to call black kids nigger when she is at home as long as she doesn’t at school, I’ve been on her admin and dept. head to deal with her all semester. I get nothing from those crackers, they claim they will do something but they do nothing. I went to my dept. head and my admin (an ivy league educated black woman). They’re helping. But the further I push things the more bad things I find. I now found out that she (co-teacher) has been flat refusing to enter my students (special ed) grades. Even when the work is done. She doesn’t feel they are "worth" it since they are so bad and they are going to fail anyway. I’m not making this up.

I hate all of these people. The f*cked up thing is, I know this is pervasive and systemic, I’m the only one pushing it. The rest don’t want to rock the boat, well, actually the rest don’t say anything because that would be to much work and god forbid any of those lazy f*ckers should do any work.

Why the f*ck are these people teachers? The kids that are affected by their lazy and their bigotry have one parent (usually), sh*tty home lives, all kinds of sh*t I’m not going to go into detail about. They all come to me, literally, because sometimes I think I’m the only adult in their lives that gives them any kind of attention. Goddamit son of a bitch, I’m f*cking responsible for those kids and no way in hell I’m going to run from it. They are f*cking kids. They can’t protect themselves. They can’t even speak up for themselves because no one will listen, and they’ve been condition that no one cares and no one will listen. I have no other choice but to do right by them simply for the fact that no one else will. That sh*t is majorly f*cked up. Majorly f*cked up. Goddamn kids man, how can you stare in their faces on a day to day basis and let them drown?

lazy f*ckers, what do they do? They are lazy and don’t teach and check their personal email while class is going on, and then they go home and are lazy and watch 3 hours of TV a night. f*ck them. I spend 20 hours a week in the gym, and give it my all to work and my free time I spend trying to be a husband to my wife. Then these people bitch to me about their problems like I have any sympathy for them. I hate them all and want them to all burn down. Cracker ass motherf*ckers.

All these people on this board and other places talking sh*t about how tough they are and the little piddly bullsh*t they do. f*ck them. If I could go to work tomorrow, and take out the lead cracker I would. I would pick one as an example and beat him to show him what it feels like to be helpless, just like they make the kids feel. That’s why I spend all that goddamn time training. I have to be strong enough for the ones who are helpless. It doesn’t end. Goddammit. If I had a voice and wasn’t coughing I would be there right now kicking in someone’s door. Worthless cocksuckers.

Sam Wilson, High School Teacher

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