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Thurgood Marshall movie filming moves to courthouse

Jeff Preval, WGRZ 5:07 PM. EST June 22, 2016

BUFFALO, NY – Filming of a big Hollywood movie in Buffalo has now moved to a key downtown. Crews took over an empty courthouse building in Niagara Square Wednesday.

They’ve been working the past two days inside the Dillon courthouse. This was once a busy federal courthouse downtown.

And the building’s interior hasn’t changed a bit.

That’s what filmmakers of the Thurgood Marshall movie really liked about it, when they decided to come to Buffalo. Filming began last month. And the entire movie is being shot in Western New York. The film crew has been all over, Akron and Batavia, Niagara Falls and the Central Terminal, among other places.

But, it was the Dillon Courthouse that offered a unique, vintage courtroom setting that movie makers fell in love with.

“The fixtures are there the jury chairs are there the jury boxes the judges box, all of that stuff remains so it looks really perfect and period and perfect for this movie in the end this is really where the big drama happens in the courtroom so you’re going to see a lot of our courtroom in the movie,” said Tim Clark of the Buffalo Niagara Film Commission.

As for the big stars in the movie, Chadwick Boseman who played Jackie Robinson in the movie “42” plays Thurgood Marshall. And Kate Hudson also stars in the movie.

Filming should wrap up early next month. A release date for the movie hasn’t been announced yet.