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Watching Reginald Hudlin’s Black Panther series with students

One of the coolest days this semester was on October 30, when the comic book class I’m co-teaching was held in the university library. We had the students watch an episode of Black Panther, the television series, written by Reginald Hudlin.

The majority of the class (65 people) had somehow not previously heard of that version of Black Panther, so my co-teacher and I came off as the village champions by introducing students to the series. It was cool watching the episode in the library, as people passing by came over and watching with us. Good times.

I was especially excited to show and discuss Hudlin’s Black Panther (he also wrote a comic book series of the title) because he was born and raised in the area. I’ve been mentioning him and his work all semester to the students, highlighting that a bonafide major comic creator has roots in our region.

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Shortly after making my first film, I became a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. More recently, I was elected a governor-at-large, in part for my work producing the Oscar broadcast several years ago.

The Governor’s Awards is when the Academy gives out Oscars to super talented that might have been overlooked in the annual competition. This year was awesome with actress Cicely Tyson, composer Lalo Schifren, and producers Frank Marshall and . Because it was also her birthday, I brought my daughter with me this year.

Quincy Jones speaking on behalf of Lalo Schifren, who composed the theme song for MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE and the score for ENTER THE DRAGON.

I got to see my old friend Peter Ramsey, who did storyboards for HOUSE PARTY and has gone on to be a wonderful animation director. His new film SPIDER MAN: INTO THE SPIDERVERSE comes out soon. Here he is with one of his two fellow directors, and the talented actor Shameik Moore, who reminded me of his deep love for Static Shock. Here’s a twitter post from Peter:

Me, Bob P, and Shameik representing ‪#SpiderVerse ‬‬ at the Governors’ Awards with special guest star…the legendary ⁦‪@reghud‬‬⁩

My wife and I brought our daughter with us since it was her birthday.

Here she is with the multi-talented Lin-Manuel Miranda, who is as nice as he is gifted.

The caterers even arranged for her to have birthday cake! So thoughtful!

My daughter is about done with me taking pictures at this point.

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Here’s a nice email I got from Simone Stock, who was my assistant when I was in Toronto shooting LADIES MAN:

So I’m putting a book on hold at the library (yes, the library) and I see your face!!

Not Bogdonovich — YOU!!!!
Even more excited to check it out now 😉


I forgot I did the interview for that book, but and took a picture, but it’s nice to see it lives on. I need to make a list of all the books I’m in. That’s sort of why I started this website…to actually document my work activities. Maybe my grandkids or scholars in some distant future will find this all useful. Anyway, thanks Simone!

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