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Me And Cousin Chris At Work

Dr. Chris Hudlin on set of Heartbreaker

Or “Doctor Chris”, as we call him at our house, to distinguish him from “Uncle Chris” aka my brother.

He’s a surgeon, which automatically makes him that family member you treasure because he’s the one you call to get a second opinion on your every ache and pain.

Heartbreaker set

While I was shooting HEARTBREAKER, a new medical show for NBC, I invited him down to visit me on set, which he had never done before.

Heartbreaker set 2

Since he had actually performed the liver transplant we were shooting, he ended up on camera, helping us all make the scene more realistic.

Dr. Chris and Dr. Kathy Magliato

Dr. Kathy Magliato, the doctor whose book is the basis of the show, loved having him on set and they happily talked in a medical jargon far over my head.

Dr. Chris with steadicam

The entire cast and crew loved him, including the camera operators who invited him to try out the steadicam.  Even with the monstrous weight, he took to it quicker and easier than any of us had ever seen.

Reggie and Dr. Chris

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My Conversation With Van Jones

I was invited as a special guest at this year’s San Diego ComiCon. I’ve been doing comics for over ten years now, starting with my graphic novel BIRTH OF A NATION, writing Black Panther and Spider Man comics for Marvel, adapting the screenplay of DJANGO UNCHAINED into a graphic novel, supervising the Django/Zorro mini-series, and now relaunching the Milestone line of comics. I guess that’s a lot, but I still feel like a newbie in comics.

So when they said there would be a panel devoted to me, I was flattered. But I was really blown away when representatives from the Convention arrived before they started the event to give me the Icon Award, which has been awarded to legends in the business.

Then I had an hour-long conversation with one of the smartest guys I know: Van Jones, who is a great journalist, political organizer, great friend and very serious comic book fan. I said let’s just talk the way we do at home or at dinner, except it would be in front of people. He did an incredible job steering the conversation.

We talked about film, television, comics….well, I really don’t remember all the stuff I said, which is why I’m so glad that Jeff Kent filmed the whole thing. But I do remember it was good stuff, I real deep dive that made me glad my family was there to witness it.

It ended with Van giving me one of the greatest compliments I had ever received. The kind of words it takes a lifetime to live up to. Thank you Van Jones for taking time out of your incredible schedule of activism, journalism and fatherhood to be there with me on a very important day.

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