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Black Anthems

The Hudlin 100 for 2010

Black Anthems

In honor of black history month, here’s a collection of anthems that made us feel proud, and made us feel like making the world a better place!

10. Lift Every Voice and Sing

Let’s start with the obvious:

9. A Change Is Gonna Come

Then this one will actually make you cry:

8. Dancing in the Streets

Hard to believe the culture was so uptight this song was a metaphor for public protest:

7. We’re a Winner

Curtis Mayfield wrote many anthems, but it’s hard to get more positive than this one:

6. Get Up, Stand Up

Speaking of anthems, no one wrote more of them, and more great ones, than this man:

5. One Nation Under A Groove

My personal vote for best of the list:

4. Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now

McFadden and Whitehead took a line from p.funk and smoothed it out of pop consumption:

3. You Must Learn

Who packed more educational information into song than this one?:

2. Fight The Power

Soundtrack for a revolution:

1. Us

Underrated masterpiece…who critiqued our current plight better than this song?:

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