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Politics 2010

The Year In Politics 10. Kamala Harris Wins The Primary I’ve never been involved in politics on this level before, but watching Kamala beat an opponent who outspent her five to one was amazing. There were a lot of billionaires who ran for office this year and while that may…

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Movies 2010

My Top Ten Movies of 2010 As usual, I post this list with great guilt over not having seen so many movies. Steady work and a family cuts down viewing time considerably. And the small, dark indie film tends to get passed over in favor of the popcorn film. That’s…

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Black Anthems

The Hudlin 100 for 2010 Black Anthems In honor of black history month, here’s a collection of anthems that made us feel proud, and made us feel like making the world a better place! 10. Lift Every Voice and Sing Let’s start with the obvious: 9. A Change Is Gonna…

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Television 2010

The Hudlin 100 for 2010 Television This is the second of ten lists of ten different catagories of notable things of 2010. This week looks at the year in television. 10. Treme This show delivered at least one transcendent moment of pure funk every week. Maybe it was two Black…

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Moments in Music 2010

Top Ten Moments in Music of 2010 10. Janelle Monae Janelle made what is easily one of the best albums of the year, evoking early Bowie, P.Funk, Prince and a dozen other influences, but making it all her own. 9. Prince Tours NY He hasn’t had opening acts for a…

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