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My Top Ten Movies of 2010

As usual, I post this list with great guilt over not having seen so many movies. Steady work and a family cuts down viewing time considerably. And the small, dark indie film tends to get passed over in favor of the popcorn film. That’s the nature of things.

10. Inception

How could a movie be this similar to the Matrix and not feel like a knock off? How could a movie be this complex but really explain itself without feeling laborious? How could a movie be this intellectual but deliver that much action? How could a movie deliver that much action but be a touching love story? Oh, and the effects are kick ass.

Here’s a great clip that shows all four levels of dream time in real time.

9. Kick Ass

A great comic becomes a great movie. Every change they made for the translation to film was the right choice.

8. Toe To Toe

No one saw this little gem about a struggling young black girl tormented in her neighborhood for being smart and not pressing her hair, and the rich white girl pariah who befriends her at school, but the authenticity of the world the filmmaker weaves deserves high praise.

7. Let Me In

Stephen King declared this his favorite movie of the year, and I can see why. Beautifully directed, great writing and performances.

6. Karate Kid

Better than the original, with great performances from Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan. Great fight scenes, beautiful locations, and an emotionally gripping story. I wish this movie existed when I was a kid, but I was happy to show it to my kids.

5. Cyrus

A brilliant conceit, magnificent performances, and incredible discipline by all parties in maintaining a comedic tone that never gets too broad. It stays in the real world but is consistently funny and touching.

4. The King’s Speech

I was reluctant to see it, even though I never doubted that it would be a good film. But wow, they really pumped vitality into that very uptight setting. A wonderful script, great directing and fantastic performances, especially by Colin Firth (the English Tom Hanks…one of the coolest guys I met in this biz) and Geoffrey Rush.

3. Waiting For Superman

This is the kind of movie everyone intends to see but rarely get around to seeing. But man, please see it.

2. Black Marriage Negotiations

This is the best black film of the year. It’s only 3 and half minutes long, it’s simple animation and we don’t know who wrote it, but it has more punch, more cultural relevance than any feature film about black life made this year.

1. The Social Network

Best script of the year. Great acting performances from a young cast. Did you even know those weren’t really twins? A truly insightful movie about business, about a very modern business. Best movie of the year.

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