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These artists wrote great songs for themselves and others, and sang the heck out of them. These are artists who deserve your complete attention. Listen deeply to their entire catalogue of music.

1. Stevie Wonder

With a body of work that covers two generations, Stevie is the artists’ artist.

2. Prince

Writer, producer, musician, singer, showman….he was a complete artist.

3. Curtis Mayfield

His work in gospel groups, R&B groups, as a solo artist on his own label, and writing for movies for himself and fellow legends like Gladys Knight and Aretha Franklin, and covered by greats ranging from Bob Marley to Kanye West, Curtis Mayfield is an all time great.

4. Bob Marley

More than a man, he was a movement that still inspires. The melodies, the grooves and the message are beloved worldwide.

5. Smokey Robinson

Bob Dylan called him America’s greatest poet. He defined the Motown Sound. Plus, this is one of the greatest video clips ever.

6. Bill Withers

How many great songs by Bill Withers can you sing all the way through?

7. Sly Stone

Sly Stone created the template for Prince and every other multi racial, mixed gender bands. He also wrote classic albums that you can listen to non stop.

8. Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds

He’s been in groups, a solo artist and written for others. A Babyface concert is back to back hits.

9. Cassandra Wilson

Like many jazz artists, Cassandra Wilson is also known for her covers, many of which totally reinvent the song. But she also writes great ones too. Like this one.

10. Ron Isley

I can’t think of another artist who has hits in every decade from the 50s to the 90s.