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The White Crime Crisis

Mike Huckabee Speaks On White Crime and Racism
by Dr. Edward Rhymes

"Whites almost never put themselves under the same microscope that Blacks and Latinos are routinely subjected to."

Republican Party darling Mike Huckabee, during a recent speech, decided to dispense some tough love to a predominantly white audience when he voiced his concerns about the state of affairs in American white communities. "The epidemic of whites involved in drunk-driving fatality accidents is deplorable," Huckabee said. He cited the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’ s 2000 statistics that showed that white male drivers between the ages of 21-34 constituted the largest percentage of drunk (or impaired) drivers in fatal crashes, and the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation, Prevention Research Center’s 1999 findings that of the 91,248 alcohol-related driving fatalities, 65,309 were committed by whites.

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