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Dolomite Appreciation Hour

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Quote from: Robeson21 on November 14, 2009:

The stars were out on Thursday baby! Not just Reg, not just Michael Jai White and the Black Dynamite crew, but the distant stars from the fading galaxy of 1973, the creators of Dolemite were all gathered on the panel at the Egyptian. Wow! So you think you know Dolemite? Yeah? did you know the budget was $70,000? Did you know the DP was a 21-year old UCLA film student? Did you know Rudy Ray Moore himself is listed as the set decorator because so many of the interior scenes were shot at his digs? That all of his wardrobe and much of the other casts was supplied from his closet? Best of all that the actor who so realistically played the junkie informant was an actual junkie that writer Jerry Jones spotted on the sidewalk and personally selected for the role?! All this and more was revealed Thursday night at the Egyptian at the Dolemite appreciation hour–more like four hours if you stayed for the second feature, Petey Wheatstraw. A full night of entertainment, not just when the reels were rolling either. After Jerry Jones and other key crew regaled the audience with tales of Rudy, the floor opened up to an appreciative audience, eager to express their love for Rudy and for —in the words of Jerry Jones” the ‘Johnny Later’s, Reg and Michael Jai White. The last and not least great moment of the night was when the panel was stormed by the composer of the title track to Dolemite, appearing in full effect to express his dissatisfaction with not being formally invited on stage, so they pulled up a chair and had him answer questions too!

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