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Here’s a list of songs that capture the mood lyrically while keeping a groove going that keeps heads nodding without disrupting digestion.   I’M BLESSED – Charlie Wilson featuring TI Here’s a man testifying is gratitude for a second chance at life.  And if you haven’t heard the song, you will be…


Great Black Books

1. “Invisible Man,” Ralph Ellison “If you only read one book”….let it be this one. The imagery is breathtaking. The metaphors….The unnamed protagonist of this classic can’t really fairly be called an “action hero” but his showdown with Ras the Destroyer at the finale of the book must be considered…

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Jenn on The Blind Side

Quote from: akumatrunigga on December 04, 2009, 05:30:05 PM

I have seen and encountered families that done exactly what the family has done in Blind Side and these families is also on Section 8 trying to maintain a household with low income and raising a foster child.

Did any of them wind up in the NFL? Because that’s the hook, not that good white folks took him in. Why stories like this piss black people off so much, I don’t know. If I was in Hollywood, I wouldn’t listen to sh*t black people had to say about anything.

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Magic Wand Sees Avatar in China

Well, two African Americans and a Scot had Friday afternoon off and decided to catch a 3-D matinee of Avatar.  The short American had to work late in the afternoon and begged the other two meet her at the cinema closest to her work, but least convenient to the other two.  The Scot had been out the night before (until the morning of) and tied-one on, so she wasn’t up for any debating.  

Anyway, the three went to the movie, watched and enjoyed (I think).  As the lights went up and short American chick removed her 3-D glasses, one of the arms of the glasses broke.  When the cleaning crew passed a close-by aisle, she tossed them into the garbage and continued on her way.  Departing the auditorium, there was an usher positioned to collect the 3-D glasses.  The ginger Scot and the tall American returned theirs, while the short, loud-mouthed American complained that her cheap-ass glasses had broken, so she’d thrown them away.

The obligatory barrage of unintelligible Chinese gibberish ensues as the little usher follows the three out through the maze of corridors that presumably lead toward an exit from the cinema.  Fortunately, short loud-mouthed American chick is fluent in Chinese so she returns her own litany of gibberish….annoying her accompanying mates who silently rejoiced at not being directly involved.  

The now five of them, two screaming at each other, one yelling into a radio and two others shaking their heads behind, were met at the exit (that emptied them into a mall) by a guy that may or may not have been the manager.  The original usher was pretty relieved to see him so she could extract herself from the situation.  As she and radio-girl vanished, the alleged manager took up the screaming where the other two had left off.

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Lion's Experience at Florida A&M University

When I talk to my friends who attended HBCU’s, I keep hearing the same types of stories…how the school itself seems to haze students who are trying to get their education.   From registering for classes on, there are all these institutional challenges that are rationalized in the name of “toughening the students up”.  But is that the point of the experience?  Or getting a good education?  Here’s one testimony:

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The VMA's: Kanye does it again!

Kanye may have some emotional disturbance or something, but that brutha needs to be dealt with!
On HLN, I heard one of the commentators express SURPRISE that urban radio stations DID NOT CONDONE Kanye’s actions.


They really think Black folks don’t recognize STUPIDITY?

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